Voile De Saint Tropez.

The yearly Voile De Saint Tropez started this weekend 26 September and run till 10 October. Boats are arriving at the moment and usually there will be loads of beautiful classic yachts, Wally and superyachts. Some of the activities have been cancelled because of  the Coronavirus and we were a bit worried making our round yesterday as there were many people. But a few photos are set out below.

Plenty of boats racing, seen from our beach.

Our beach now getting deserted in October.

Friday 9 October was the last racing day of the Wally and Super Maxi Yachts.

Atlantic Crossing July 2020 Part Two (Horta To The Med).

Sunday 12 July 2020 (day 1).After fueling and clearing out (read “me paying the marina fees”), we set sail from Horta at 11:00. The wind is good at 12-23 kn from 175-210°, so although we have the wind almost aft, the boat speed is fine at 7-8 kn. The weather forecast is again problematic as we have to sail NNE for a day before we can head for the Strait of Gibraltar to avoid too much wind on the nose. In a couple of days we should meet rather strong north wind of up to 36 kn (BF 8 Gale), but if the forecast is correct we will have that wind at an angle of 90° on the Port side, so we should be OK and have a fast sail. We do need a good speed to avoid the very strong winds coming down the west coast of Portugal in a week’s time. This wind seems to be particular strong this year. Unfortunately the current forecast shows east wind at Gibraltar and further east of the Strait, so we might have to look for an anchorage and wait for the wind to change. I understood before leaving Horta that S…