Getting Ready To Depart Marigot Bay.

We are preparing for departure and is currently focusing on tomorrow morning Friday, but the more I look at the various forecasts, the more doubt I have, as they are all very different and will give courses hundreds of NM apart. This is very confusing and for the last 30 years when I have followed the weather pattern, I have never seen the north Atlantic weather in such a chaotic state. Usually one would expect easterly winds for the first five days and once we would get up along Bermuda latitude, the westerlies would set in. But at the moment there are systems coming not from the usual west, but also from the east and in between there is no wind. We can thus expect some easterly and northerly winds before we can get to the westerly winds. We also can expect to have to motersail for way more NM than I will like. But if we wait much longer, we can't be sure that the weather will improve. What a dilemma.Today we will prepare New Dawn for the crossing at least to the Azores. 
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In case of interest my previous Blogs are, as follows:
You might ask why having several Blogs? It was because in the earlier days I was limited to a maximum of 1 GB and after that had been reached, I had to pay monthly to keep it. Today things has changed and I don't think there is a limit and also the videos are now on my YouTube channel ( and no longer on the Blog site.

Tracking Is Now Set Up With Predictwind.

As the Winlink tracking is not working and I don't know why, we have now set up the tracking using the Predictwind and the Iridium Go. It will be updated several times each day and use the Iridium Satellite system. To connect, go to:

Marigot Bay, St Martin.

Friday 8 May, 2020.
We have now been on board for about 60 days and only been on land a couple of hours in St George, Grenada to go to the supermarket and a couple of smaller trips to get food delivered. So we are in need of exercise.
What do we spend our time on? Well there are a lot of boat jobs to do before a long passage and we all chip in.
Alex is extremely practical and a great problem solver when it comes to technical problems. He is also good at computer work and will be setting up some of the new equipment I have bought. The list has been long, but there are still many things to do.
Serena is an excellent cook and has a lot of energy. She swim 2.000 meter each day around the boat, even though one is not allowed to swim at the moment, but that restriction will soon be lifted. She also do nearly each day an hour yoga and she does a lot of cooking and planning. She has taken charge of our food supply and is very practical in keeping New Dawn tidy. Today she cleaned to waterline.